Bringing together the curious people of Kent

There are so many great events taking place in Kent that would benefit lots of people, especially those with curious minds who like to challenge their thinking and improve themselves. But often no one hears about them, leaving so many wasted opportunities. To solve this, the Kent Collective provides a central hub to share all the great events going on in the county in the areas of creativity, digital & wellbeing, and in doing so, create a community of curious people within Kent.

Events and Community for the curious people of Kent

A central place to share events focussed on Creativity, Technology and Wellbeing within Kent

The county of Kent covers a large area, with strong links to London but also it’s own small sub-cultures to be explored and enjoyed too. Whether it’s the creative buzz in the seaside towns of Margate and Folkestone, the startup student vibe in Canterbury or the tech and business focus in Ashford and Tunbridge Wells, there is so much going on and more importantly, new people to meet and be part of a local community of like-minded people. To help spread awareness of everything that is going on, we provide a central place to share the best events in the areas of Creativity, Technology and Wellbeing throughout Kent. We do this via our Facebook and Meetup groups, which both have a large and growing following for the curious people of Kent to meet each other and share ideas.

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Share your event via the Kent Collective

Do you have an event in Kent that focusses on Creativity, Technology or Wellbeing that you would like to share?
Do you have an event in Kent that you want to share with local people? Do you struggle to reach people who would be interested in the event you are putting on? We have built a large audience via our facebook and meetup groups, as well as outbound emails every month, where we can share your event to help you spread the word and boost attendance. If your event is free then there is no charge to share it on our groups or emails, but if your event has a cost we ask for £5 per event or £20 for unlimited events over 6 months. We run this group voluntarily, so this cost is purely to cover our Meetup subscription and will be far cheaper than setting up your own meetup group and building your own audience.

Want to help out or share anything?

The Kent Collective is currently run by Adam and Lorna in their spare time as they are passionate about bringing people together and creating a community of like-minded people.

If you want to get involved as one of our event admins or would like to share anything with us, please contact us as we’d love to hear from you.